The MOTIVE project

The Center provides the following services:
  • Run of statistical surveys on students and graduates
Through the membership, the universities joining the Center can participate to the run of statistical surveys on students and graduates in the country in order to obtain reliable, timely and regularly updated data exploitable for:
- improving their educational supply
- having a documentary evidence for all decision-making processes and activity planning
- getting a comprehensive system of information for the assessment of their internal and external efficiency
- facilitating the placement of their belonging graduates in the labour markets
  • Access to job and internship opportunities
Students and graduates can apply for free to the jobs and internship offers published by accredited firms on the Center’s portal, they can make their CV more visible and obtain the certification of their academic career by their belonging universities.
  • Finding the ideal candidate
Firms and companies can browse among the students and graduates CV stored in the Center’s online database to find out their ideal candidate to hire, and they can post their job and internship offers.
  • Enhancement of research visibility
Researchers interested in higher education, labour market and graduate tracking topics can publish their scientific production in the Working Paper series promoted by the Center.
  • Networking
Ministries, local authorities, universities and other stakeholders operating in the higher education and labour market fields can network to provide an active contribution in addressing the challenge of a better match between supply for and demand of qualified human capital in the country, having access to the researches and surveys’ reports promoted by the Center.